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How do I get from the airport to the guest house?
You will be met outside the airport terminal by VMTEN.representative holding a placard with your name, you will then be escorted to the guest house. Please provide us your flight information as soon as possible so that a pick up can be assured.

How can I pay for the program expenses ?
The program expenses should be sent to the Bank Account of Versatile Mountain Treks and Expedition Nepal. If you extend your staying program you must discuss this with VMTEN(Versatile Mountain Treks & Expedition Nepal and pay the expenses in advance.

What happens if I decide to return home before the placement is completed?
Once the visitor commences trekking, having paid the fee and receive a receipt, VMTEN does not refund total cost. However, if due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g. serious illness, family bereavement), the trekkers may request to leave the program prematurely. In this case, VMTEN will consider a refund of 30% of the costs. This will be based on the circumstances.

Is there a Orientation program?
Yes,there is an orientation program for the trekkers both individual and in groups.The orientation program lasts for 4-5 hours at a peak base camp. For expeditions, briefings will be given about walking style, keeping safe on the paths, altitude sickness, general health and hygiene and the route for your trip. Equipment information and demonstrations will be given for all tourists who haven't already got the knowledge about the mountains.

How is the program length calculated?
It depends on the length of the trek and the activities you wish to do en route. For example, for in the Langtang region you might spend 15 days, for Annapurna region you might stay 18-20 days. Your sight seeing in monument zones, shopping and might be one day recreational time, taking showers, washing clothes and contacting home may add on more days to the trip. We will agree an itinerary in advance.

Where will I stay during the peak climbing period?
During the peak climbing period, you will stay at tented camp in a concerned Peak Base Camp where supporting staff, food items and all necessary services will be provided.
Do you select my proposed area?
No, we don't select your proposed area; your trek is your choice so it depends on your preferences and timing too. It will be as per our contract but it depends on your wishes and interest. We have lots destinations which are popular for trekking, climbing, sight seeing and can happily advise you on what would suit you best.

How can my family contact me during my trip?
Depending on your particular trip, your proposed area  may or may not have a telephone. Some areas/ places will have phone calls that accept incoming and outgoing international calls. In addition, a major area that provides e-mail/internet and/or international phone servic may be available. In case of an emergency, your family/friends may contact Versatile Mountain Treks & Expedition Nepal. We will do our best to get a message to the individual as quickly as possible. You must understand that the infrastructure of Nepal is not as reliable as in developed countries.

What is the weather like in Nepal?
The width of Nepal is only about 200 km on an average,but within this short distance the altitude of the land rises from 60 m to all the way up to above 8,848 m. Hence the weather depends upon the altitude of the place in Nepal. However, in general Nepal has four climatic seasons: spring, summer, autumn and Winter.

Spring starts from March to May. The temperature of this season fluctuates between 20C to 30C (68F to 86F). Summer starts from June last to August. These are also the pre-monsoon months with occasional evening-thunderstorm and hot temperature. Autumn starts from September and ends by November. During this period, the climate is dry and mild with temperature fluctuating between 20C to 30C (68F to 86F). Winter starts from December last to February. The mornings and evenings are very cold while the afternoon is pretty sunny. The temperature during these months rises from 10C to 20C (59F to 68F).

How much money should I bring with me?
It's difficult to give an exact amount of money that you should bring. Costs will vary according to how much time you spend traveling on your own, whether or not you go trekking/traveling, if you drink better (!), how often you phone home/use the internet etc. or how much shopping you want to do.

Don't forget that you also need to budget for visa fees and your flight and any extra activities, extra transportation and extra food. Also leave some occasional gifts.
What should I bring for myself?
This will vary depending on what VMTEN activities you want to participate in (trekking, white water rafting, etc.) and how much you need to be comfortable during your placement. With the exception medicine, first- aid -kit and high-tech trekking gear, you can buy everything that you would need for your stay while in Kathmandu (it is most likely cheaper than in your home country).

Here are few suggestions:
  • Water proof jacket (a fold -away windcheater is fine).
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun cream
  • Water purification tablets and/or good quality water
  • Purifier
  • First-aid-kit
  • Flashlight (torch)
  • Penknife
  • Books about your country

What vaccinations should I consider having prior to arrival?
You should consider the following vaccinations, however,please consult your doctor/local travel clinic for the latest

Recommendations regarding vaccine in Nepal:
  • Tetanus
  • Polio
  • Diphtheria
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid
  • Rabies
  • Malaria tablets
The following attributes are vital for survival, regardless of the program!
  • Independence
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Tolerance, respect for other culture
  • Self motivation
  • Flexibility
  • Enthusiasm to learn about new cultures, mixing with people
  • Open-mindedness, participating.