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Koshi Tappu Bird Watching

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Koshi Tappu Bird Watching
Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp, was the first luxury camp in this wildlife Reserve.Koshi Tappu is considered to have been one of the best bird watching center in Nepal.It is understood to have been more than eight hundred species of birds are found in this reserve.
It was specially built/ set up for bird watchers. Here many bird specialists used to visit. Some clients spend here up to very long time to learn about different birds.Here also bird watchers or clients are guided by local naturalist guides.

In Koshi Tappu : accommodation will be in tents.
 "       "           "     :  food will be served by local restaurant
  "      "           "     : drink is available in local restaurant.
Accessible of the Koshi Tappu by vehicle either from Kathmandu or Pokhara.

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