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Khaptad National Park

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Khaptad National Park
Khaptad National Park is located in the Far-western region of  Nepal. The park was  established in 1984 covering an area of 225 sq. km. The area of buffer zone is 216  The park is the only mid-mountain national park in western Nepal, representing a unique and important ecosystem. It name has derived from Khaptad Baba, who was a popular  spiritual ascetic  saint.
Features of the Park :

It has own features than others Parks. Here clients can enjoy  with the Khaptad Baba Ashram  is located near the park  headquarter, Shiva temple are on the way to Park Headquarters.One religious  fair used to celebrated in the month of Jestha or in May/ June, many pilgrims used to visit  to honor the  Baba's influences and rest of the temple and shrine of the related Shiva family like: Ganesh temple, Nagdhunga and Kedardhunga. These areas are considered as places for meditation and tranquility and should not be disturbed. Tobacco products, alcohol, and sacrificing of animals are prohibited in these areas.

Other features of the park:
Himalayan ranges of Saipal, cow grazing pastures or grasslands, green jungles, come lakes and local habitat of the people are the mail attraction of the National park.We suggest our clients to visit  within two trekking season like: you might visit September to November and March to May.
Flora & Fauna :
This park is dominated by Sal, Pines and other subtropical and temperate vegetation as well herewith beautiful flowers among of them some are belong to the medical herbals are got inside the park.Furthermore this park is dominated by lots of species of birds like:  partridges, flycatchers, Bulbuls, cuckoos, etc....the park is residential for local and migrating birds, the park gives accommodation for butterflies and wild animals like: wild Boar Marten, Monkeys, Musk Deers etc........

We would like to inform that if you want to go there you need to contact in trekking company. There is no availability of lodging, fooding and accommodation inside the park, so you need to get  anyone trekking company organized your trip to the park.

You can fly Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Nepalgunj to Dipayal.Then you can take local buses to Silgadhi Bazzar then you can walk up to 6 hours to get the entrance gate of the park.


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