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Shuklaphanta Wild Life Reserve

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Shuklaphanta Wild Life Reserve
Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve with the area of 175 sq. km was established in 1976. It is situated in the southern part of Far-Western Nepal in the Kanchanpur District and features predominant sal associated with arna, semal, karma, khair and sissoo are  found along the riverside. The main grass species are the Imperate Cylindrica and the  Shuklaphanta is famous for vegetation.Shuklaphanta is universally renewed, it has own importance. It has own scenic beauty.

It has expanded
Area: 305 sq. km.
Established: 1976

It is famous for topographical vegetation where Sal, Sisau are found Shuklaphanta is good habitat for wild animals, Birds, reptiles and much are found.

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