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Actually tours in Nepal is really amazing part of the holidays, we have ample tours sites, which makes yours trip very much enjoyable and educational as well, The following places are important for the tours:
01: Kathmandu Durbar( Palace ) Square

 02: Shiva Temple or Famous Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath,

 03: Swayambhunath or Monkey temple

 04: Patan Krishna Temple

 05: Bhaktapur Palace square

 06: Changu Narayan Temple , Vishnu temple

 07: Nagarkot Village and sun rise and sun set view point, sun rise and sun set can be viewed on the top of the different mountains ranges.

 08: Chitwat National Park, this park is located in the low land, different wild animals, canoeing, Elephant safari, Jeep safari, Bird watching are vital here.

 09: Bandipur, which is very beautibul view point of the Mountain ranges, silk warm project etc... are important.

 10: Pokhara, Pokhara is the very beautiful touristic hub of Nepal, World peace stupa,International mountain museum, David's fall, Tibetan refugee camps, Bidabasini temple, Mahendra Cave etc.. are to see place
11: Lumbini, Lumbini is the birth place of Buddha,

 12: Namo Buddha, Namo Buddha is really very intereting stupa, here people get lots of information of the Buddha and background history of the Buddhist eon / era / philosopy etc..........

 13: Dhulikhel, Dhulikhel is the perfect place to see mountain ranges

 14: Daman Thses places are not adventurous like trekking on the hilly side. All kinds of tourist are requested to visit these historical places.
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