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Mera Peak climbing

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Mera Peak climbing 6664m. Any


                                                   View from Mera Peak summit

 Mera Peak is the second most  climbed peak in Nepal. This peak is located in the Hinkhu valley region.
 Mera peak is the highest peak among the other trekking peaks.



                     The scenery beyond than Mera Peak, mt. Makalu, Mt. Baruntse etc...............

From Mera pass the trail leads to the Ama Laptsa pass and Sherpini Col pass as well, these two passes are really very popular among adventure travelers.



Day 01: Kathmandu to Lukla by plane and trek to chhutyanga

Day 02: Chhutyanga to Chhetra Bu via Chhetra La pass

Day 03: Chhutyanga to Kothe

Day 04: Kothe to Thangnak

Day 05: Thangnak to Khare

Day 06: Reserved day or rest day in Khare

Day 07: Khare to Mera BC ( Base Camp )

Day 08: Mera BC to Mera high camp

Day 09: Mera high camp to Mera summit and get back to Khare

Day 10: Khare to Kothe

Day 11: Kothe to Chhetra Bu

Day 12: Chhetra Bu to Chhutyanga

Day 13: Chhutyanga to Lukla  ( very short day )

Day 14: Lukla to Kathmandu by plane

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