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Bhote Koshi River

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Bhote Koshi River

                                                                                          Bhote Koshi

Bhote Koshi is a river in Nepal, which is popular for the rafting lovers, its origion is in Tibet, which is snow-fed from the melting Himalaya ranges.Located about 70 km east of Kathmandu, it is one of the seven most popular white-water rafting rivers in Nepal. The origin of this roaring wall of white water gives the river it’s name; Bhote meaning coming from Tibet and Koshi meaning river, Bhote Koshi, the river that hails from Tibet. The path of this river is the steepest in Nepal creating a virtual year-round torrent that provides some of the most exciting rafting in the Nepal.It also serves the Bote Koshi Project,a hydroelectricity project. The Last Resort,one of the world'sdeepest gorge bungee jumps, is based in this river's gorge, in Nepal lots of different kind of holidays among of them,Bungee Jump,based in the bank of this river is very exciting.

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