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Kathmandu Durbar Square

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Kathmandu Durbar Square

                                              Kal Bhairav

Kathmandu Durbar Square  World Heritage Sites,UNESCO Basantapur Durbar Square is one of the famouse sight seeing spot for the wood carving. A very old Hindu text has described Kathmandu as the land of gods surrounded by beautiful Hindu temples.Mainly trinity gods are found there like Brama, Vishnu and Shiva alongside shakti temples. Kal Bhairav- one of the largest stone idol in Kathmandu representing the terrifying aspects of Shiva.Kal Bhairav is the god of the Justice in the ancient time. It means origin of the modern rules and regulation through Kal Bhairav. It has vital role todays environment. How? why?

This above picture of Shiva seen on top of the temple. actually to be really Shiva we ahould remove jealousy, hatred, anger, greedy, attachments out of our soul .......It teaches lots of moral aspects of life too.
Some two hundred years ago a western Visitor wrote that there were as many temples as there were houses and as many idols as there were people. In fact Kathmandu boasts one of the largest congregations of magnificent historical monuments and shrines ever built.Duly recognized as a world Heritage Site by UNESCO- this particular area best known as Kathmandu Durbar Square lies in the heart of this city. Locally also called as Hanuman Dhoka Palace Square-an ancient seat of the Nepalese Royalty.

 In front of Vishnu temple the Vishnu vehicle Garuda seen. Vishnu is god of protection. This god is very popular in terms of Nepalese religious. It helps to people to be safe from various obstacles....It has 10 incarnations as well what is the significance of these incarnations?
Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex consists of a huge Royal Square emposing a tremendous variety of temples dedicated to different Hindu gods and goddess. Most of the buildings we see here date from 15th to 18th century.

The entire Palace Complex here is named after a monkey god called Hanuman. One can see a huge stone statue of Hanuman painted all red right next to the main entrance ( the golden gate) of the palace. Hanuman here is regarded as a powerful protector of the entire Durbar Square.
                                                                                                       A religious temple
This temple is roofed style temple. Some red and yello jewellery seen around temple, indicates shiva and Brahma.Actually mostly Nepalese temples are associated with male and female traits.

some of the important monuments to be seen here are:
Taleju temple- tallest of all structures built by king Mahendra Malla in 1549 A.D. During of the greatest destival Dashain, The temple gets opened once within a year, Jagannath temple- built in the 16th century, known for fascinating erotic figures carving I the wooden struts eaves, it indicates people towards worldly life, practical, science and technology.

During of Teej festival the Mahadeva gets worshiped by Nepalese devotees woman, They stay fasting one day for the Mahadeva, rest of the explain we will elaborate later. It indicates that this word is running through combination of male and female. Without their presence the world would be empity. How ? why? what is further  significant of the Mahadeva ?
Statue of King Pratap Malla in praying gesture to Digu Taleju the royal family deity right across.It is said to have been carried the single stone.

                                                         Ganesh and Kumar
Ganesh is the god of good luck and Kumar is god of secuirity. Any kinds of arts,crafts and cultures are associated to human beings civilized.First of all developed terracotta arts, stones, wood carving then metal.

Kumari Ghar- 17th century Kumari temple, an example of the highly developed Nepalese temple craft.Where we can see lots of symbols of wood carving, Buddhist miniature stupa inside middle of the yard.

                                                               A stupa inside Kumari Ghar

 This miniature stupa is situated inside the Kumari Ghar(house), it indicates religious harmony between hindu and Buddhist dogma. You can see four different buddhas arround the stupa and one is remained in the core of the stupa so we can not see him, is called vairochana,
If you are really interested towards the five buddhas we wiil tell you during of your city tour. For example, fromwhere came from these Buddhas? What they represent ? etc......?

Kasthamandap- built from the timber of a single tree. The Kathmandu City derives its name from Kasthamandap.  Besides this other fascinating part of this palace complex is the towering Nautale Durbar overlooking the beautiful cityscape and the vast Basantapur square where Prithivi Narayan Shah built mansion to commemorate his victory in 1768 A.D.and he ruled from here. This building complex is known for the most intricately carved wooden doorways roof struts and massive lattice windows full of mythical figures.

Shiva Parvati Temple

This Shiva Parvati temple is popular . they are looking down from the upstar. You can see tussule between Armies. you can see it bellow against the wall. It means they want to pacify people, or the whole world.
Nowadys modern people want cause and effect workout. If not  they begin to fight, anyway lots of hints indicate. we will give you some idea later.

Wood Carving
This wonderfull wood carving gives our traditional wooden crafts, it is associated to human civilized.Having beed creating newness in every moment, human developed this kinds of arts.Once this kinds of art was very popular in Nepal, especially during of the Malla dynast .


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