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Lumbini Sacred Refuge ,Maya Devi, Meditation Buddh

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Lumbini Sacred Refuge ,Maya Devi, Meditation Buddh

World Peace Pagoda,Lumbini

Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha,UNESCO World Heritage Site
Lumbinī it donates ( "the lovely") is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi district of Nepal, near the Indian border. It is the place where Queen Mayadevi is said to have given birth to Siddhartha Gautama, who as the Buddha Gautama founded the Buddhist tradition Buddha was a prince,it is said to have stayed  up to 29 years old. Then he realized  that suffering is in the world.Consequence he left his palace to search eternal peace or Nirvana. The Buddha lived between roughly 563 and 483 BC. in Lumbini Lumbini is one of four magnets for pilgrimage that sprang up in places pivotal to the life of the Buddha, the others being at Kushinagar, Bodh Gaya, and Sarnath.Mostly Buddhist people used to visit these holy places once or more time within a life time.

                                                               Maya Devi, grasping the branch of tree in Lumbini

Nowadays it is being changed as a mini Buddhist world, where you can find different monasteries including different style of structures like: Chinese people have built their own style's monastery.

 Kapilvastu is the name of the place in question as well as of the neighbouring district. Lumbini has a number of temples, including the Mayadevi temple, and others under construction. Also here is the Puskarini or Holy Pond - where the Buddha's mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth and where he, too, had his first bath - as well as the remains of Kapilvastu palace. At other sites near Lumbini, earlier Buddhas were, according to tradition, born, achieved ultimate awakening and finally relinquished earthly form. According to story it is said that Buddha had walk 7 step as soon astaking birth from Mayadevi,Buddha didn't step on the ground ,he stepped on the lotusflower,you can see seven lotus flower in Lumbini.

                                       BUDDHA STATUE

In the Buddha's time, Lumbini was a park situated between Kapilavastu and Devadaha.It was there that the Buddha was born. A pillar now marks the spot of Asoka's visit to Lumbiní.According to an inscription on the pillar, it was placed there by the people then in charge of the park to commemorate Asoka's visit and gifts. Some time you can read Asoka got the pillar built in the Lumbini and some inscription is written on Pillar.It is stated that the Buddha was born in a village of the Shakya in the Lumbini. The Buddha stayed in Lumbini during his visit to Devadaha and there preached his preachings Mainly his preachings are based on four noble truth and eight fold path.According to Budha four noble path means suffering in the world etc.....we will explain you all the details during of your visit in Lumbini.

Up to now lots of archaeologists have attempted to discover regarding the Lumbini.As a result lots of records are founds too, like: Written of OM MA NI PAD ME HUN pillar,and rest of the numerous artifacts in the periphery of the Lumbini.Lumbini, as of 1997, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site specifically nominated for the international World Heritage program.

The holy site of Lumbini is bordered by a large monastic zone, in which only monasteries  It is separated into an eastern and western monastic zone, the eastern having the Theravadi monasteries, the western having Mahayana and Vajrayana monasteries.Shakya Muni Buddha profounded four kinds of Buddha school, like: Hinnayana, Mahayana Vajrayana and tantrayana, up to Buddha time people used to follow Hinayana or Theravadi.After Buddha's death rest of the three principles were followed. Among of they have their own descriptions, we will provide you details description during of your visit of Lumbini.

The holy site of Lumbini has renovated now.  the Asokan pillar and the Mayadevi temple. where the precise place of birth of Buddha is located. Actually Lumbini is very tranquility for meditation and chanting activities.During of the Buddha Jayanti day there used to be very big fair to honor the Buddha.Nowadays some accommodation are available in the vicinity of of Monastery zone.Accessible: by aircraft and vehicle.

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