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Hinkhu Valley Trekking

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Hinkhu Valley Trekking 15

                                                         Mere Karki with Peter Price

Hinkhu Valley trekking area, an unique land of the Himalayan history.It makes clients' journey wonderful and memorable too.Generally people feel extremely different geographical structure,climate,jungle and inhabitant people. Actually first nature gives some gifts to human being then human beings learn and survive within the natural gift, for example this area is really remote and  far from development of state.Even people have achieved particular knowledge of Hotel operation with continental dishes, they have learnt client's hospitality as well and they have survived through these activities.
Hinkhu valley is the gate way to Mera pass, Mera peak, Mingmala pass, Amalaptse and Sherpani Col pass these passes are very famous in Nepal and all over the world too in terms of adventure lovers. Further more we will inform you towards Himalayan people's custom,culture and spiritual aspects towards Buddhism.

Note: Majority of people is most important to be developed infrastructure of any developments. 
Day  01: Kathmandu to Lukla flight overnight at Lukla
Days 02: Lukla to Chhuthanga
Days 03: Chuthanga to Chetra-Bu via Chetra la pass
Days 04: Chetra -Bu to Kothe
Days 05: Kothe to Thangnak
Days 06: Thangnak to Khare
Days 07: Rest day at Khare
Days 08: Khare to Mera Pass
Days 09: Mera pass to Mera high Camp
Days 10: Mera high camp to summit Mera peak, back to Mera pass or Khare
Days 11: Khare to Kothe
Days 12: Kothe to Chetra-Bu
Days 14: Chhuthanga to Lukla
Days 15: Lukla to Kathmandu flight out.
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