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Humla Simikot trek

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Humla Simikot trek 15 to 18 4988m. the Nyalu Pass minimum 2 and above
Clients need to fly Kathmandu / Nepalgunj / Simikot, this trekking area is restricted trekking destination, all the clients need permits from Nepal immigration, Government registered trekking company are allowed to issue the permits to this area.

This area is really very far from Kathmandu, it is really remote as well, so comping trek is recommended for this area,
T House trekking would not be recommended for this destination.

1. Kathmandu / Nepalgunj flight and over night in Nepalgunj
2. Nepalgunj to Simikot (2950 m.) by plane
3. Simikot to Dharaphori ( 2270m.)
4. Dharaphoro to Kermi ( 2670 m.)
5. Kermi to Yalwang ( 3020 m.)
6. Yalwang to Tumkot / Muchu (3068 m.)
7. Tumkot to Yari (3670 m.)
8. Yari to Hilsa (3720 m. ) via Nara La ( 4580)
9. Reserved day or rest day in Hilsa
10. Hilsa to Manepeme ( 3990 m.)
11. Manepeme to Halji (3660 m.)
12. Halji to Shingjungma ( 3850 m.) via Nyalu pass ( 4988 m.)
13. Shingjungma to Kermi
14. Kermi to Dharaphori
15. Dharaphori to Simikot
16. Simikot to Nepalgunj by plane
17. Nepalgunj to Kathmandu by plane or by Jeep, car etc...............
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