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Langtang Valley Trekking

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Langtang Valley Trekking 10

                                                         Kyanjin Village

Langatang is the 3rd tourist destination of Nepal. It is situated at the North of Kathmandu, about 120 km away. Dhunche is the gate way of :
i.Langtang valley
ii.Gosaikunda pass and

01:Langtang valley:
Langtang is famous for trekking and mountaineering purpose. Trekking can be organized in two ways in Langtang Valley:
i.Tea- house/ lodge trekking
ii.Camping or organized trekking.

Still more langtang is famous for bio-diversity and Buddhist religion as well. Langtang is rich in religion aspect.

-If you are interested to know about Buddhism culture prevailed at Langtang?
-Yanas and school of Buddhism?

Ie.Ngingmapa school /sector of Buddhist.
For example Guru Rinpoche is the main Buddha in Ngingmapa sector of Buddhist.
Sakyapa school/sector of Buddhist
Gelugpa school/sector of Buddhist
You are introduced about Yanas(Ways) of Buddhism, Buddhism has four Yanas like:
Hinayana Mahayana,Vajrayana And Tantrayana

We will provide you lots of related information against the yanas, you will know different philosophies about these Yanas during your trek. It is too long to explain all these items here.

Enjoyable journey starts from Dhunche or Sano Syabru. This route offers Tamang settlement, traditional Tamang dress/ fashion, bio diversity.(flora and fauna) and beautiful mountains and landscape.Tamang people are ethnic groups of Nepal. During your trek, we will provide you lots of information about the background history of ethnic people and overall Nepalese people too.After two hours bus driving you will reach small Syabru the meeting point of Langtang and Bhotekoshi(Dovan).You can notice chilime electricity hydro project. There is email, internet facilities at Syabru.According to Tamang hospitality, tourists are served +original/genuine Tamang song/culture is glimpsed at Syabru.Next day when we proceed to Bamboo, bio diversity welcomes you where flora and fauna are existed.

Fauna: Havre, Him chituwa (snow leopard) different kind of monkeys,birds butterfly are found in Langtang national park.Havre and Snow leopard are endangered animals are supposed to be 3or 4 in numbers only.

Flora: vegetation, flowers, rhododendron, rattans, are existed there.Next day when you reached Lama Hotel and above lama hotel, white mountains starts attracting foreigners/ visitors, it is considered very important for every visitors, alongside, traditional life style and original/traditional customs attract all the trekkers.

After Lama Hotel excitement being goes on or goes on being changed. Like mountains Rivers, jungle, greenery pastures, colorful flowers and much more are main attractions of the valley. Not only this if you walk a little more you can see grazing cows with bells, galloping horses, mobile cowshed and village people.

Next day you will reach Langtang valley which is the oldest settlement of Langtangi people, you can experience wonderful nature and its gifts. It excites people like open green pastures, yaks  Naks, goats, some  Sheeps  and  busy people in their farming and Hotel work .you  can really feel peace, beauty and natural environment of Langtang.

By identity Bhote, Yelmo/Helmo,Tamang people  settle in this area.
Main profession of Langtangi people:
Hotel operation/tourism, animal husbandry

Main production of Langtang: potato, wheat, barley, buckwheat, Radish, garlic, onion are main.The production meets only for 3 to 4 months a year. Hardly it (crop ) supports 3 or 4 months only.Lantangi people transport their food from Sano Syabru. Foot walking itself is a bit hard.They use donkeys and horses to carry things from one place to another .whatsoever there, all the tourist goes to Langtang taking different expectations.

From Langtang hiking trail splits the following ways:

1.Way to Kyanjin.
2.Way to Ganjala pass and Nayakhang peak climbing.
In this way, the trail departs to Kyanjin and Naya Khang, nearly 6000m. Some people go to Helambu via Ganjala Pass.Thus,some people go to Kyanjin Gomba. (3942) masl.Key attraction of Kyanjin are as follows:

ii.Milk dairy/ cheese factory.
iii.Tamang settlement

iv.Beautiful scenery of mountains and pastures and landscape
v.Local culture.

You will get description of Kyanjin Monastery on the spot.

i.Milk dairy:    
People have kept lots of yaks for milk and cheese. Some people are professional at animal herding.

ii.Tamang  settlement:
Kyanjin is update settlement in terms of tourist business where tourists are served by local hospitality or according to Nepalese hospitality.
Mountains scenery from Kyanjin:

iii.Kyanjin is itself beautiful place: Nayakhang, Langtang ri, dorje Lhakpa and other beautiful ridges/ ranges of mountains are seen from kyanjin.

For excursion, people go to Yala peak, it is very easy and non technical peak.Some can go cherkori, kyanjin ri and Langshisha kharka.Taking one day rest people visit these beautiful places.If you want to visit these all places you need to take 2 days 3 night more at Kyanjin valley.

Extra tips: if it is snowing season, landscape, mountains shine like silver.It seems to be like gossips to nature. It attracts visitor lot.You feel closed to nature.Finally we will back to Dhunche and Kathmandu following same Itinerary:                             

Day 01: Kathmandu to Dhunche/ Syabrubensi  by vehicle then transfer to Hotel/Camp.
Day 02: Syabrubensi to Lama Hotel
Day 03: Lama Hotel  to Langtang Village. 
Day 04: Langtang Village to  Kyangjing Gompa
Day 05: Excursion day  Cherko Ri ,Yala Peak and Langshisha Kharka  etc.
Day 06: Kyangjing Gompa to Langtang/ Lama Hotel.
Day 07: Lama Hotel to Sano  Syabru Village
Day 08: Sano Syabrubensi to Thulo Syabru
Day 09: Thulo Syabru to Dhunche
Day 10: Dhunche to Kathmandu by vehicle

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