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Makalu Region Trekking

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Makalu Region Trekking 26

                                                                             Makalu I
Makalu region Trekking is one of the most challenging trekking route of Nepal Sherpani Col, East Col and Mera Passes are well known big passes and difficult Passes of Nepal. These Passes are to some extent well known in Europe and throughout in the world for adventure lover people.

Qualified organization and good management is most necessary for those trekking route and passes.You need to take very experienced and strong staffs and porters are needed for Makalu Region Trek.Oxygen Bag/ Gyamo bag and satellite phone are inevitable necessary in this area.

All the mountaineering equipments are inevitable for these three passes. Like 200m. Fixed rope and 50m. main rope. Snow bars 5/6 pieces, enough Carabinars and prussic ropes.Good porters’ equipments is inevitable like wind proof Trouser set, Eye Glasses, good trekking shoes, and crampon too.

Dear visitors, actually trekking starts from Tumlingtar, which is low place. Up to Seduwa you can enjoy mixed settlement of Nepalese people like Rai, Sherpa, Chetry, Braman and Newars etc.

After Tasigoan you can feel doctrine of Buddhist philosophy, still more you will feel that those places are really remote. People are dependable on animal herding, a bit agriculture of Himalayas’ crops like potatoes, wheat, Buckwheat etc..

Some people sale trekkers’ goods like Kerosene, Rice, and some vegetable items such as potatoes and a bit green vegetable as well. These goods are sold up to Makalu Base Camp only.From Yangre Kharka Mountains begin to Kanchi peak, Chamling-Bo, Nangpau and Makalu I etc.

After Makalu Base Camp we proceed to Baruntse Base Camp. From Baruntse Base Camp you can see Makalu I and II closely.

                                                                          Sherpani Col pass

Then we go to high camp for Sherpani Col pass, next day you will cross the Sherpani Col. about 5950 m. You will sleep on the East Col which is about 6100m. Then you will pass the East Col and trek to Baruntse BC same day, these Base Camp has lied towards Mera peak side or Hunkhu Valley.Still more you can continue to Mera pass, you can enjoy adventure trip climbing Mera peak(6630)m.From Mera Pass to Lukla you can trek with different elevation which is really interesting for you. Like Thick Rhododendron forest, incense bushes get you entertained lots.
Day 01: Kathmandu to Tumlingtar by flight trek to Khandbari same day.
Day 02: Khandbari to Chichila
Day 03: Chichila to Num (trail splits to Kimathanka (restricted region and normal region Makalu BC.)
Day 04: Num to Seduwa (at Seduwa Police check point and Makalu Barun National Park entry permit check point are there)
Day 05: Seduwa to Tashigoan
Day 06: Tashigoan rest day
Day 07: Tashigaon to Khongma- La
Day 08: Khongma- La to Dobate/ Mumbuk
Day 09: Dobate to Yangre Kharka
Day 10: Yangre Kharka to Jhark Kharka/ Langmale
Day 11: Langmale to Makalu Base Camp
Day 12: Makalu Base Camp rest day
Day 13: Makalu Base Camp to  Baruntse Base Camp
Day 14: Baruntse Base Camp to high Camp for Sherpani Col
Day 15: High Camp to East Col via Sherpani Col
Day 16: East Col to Baruntse Base Camp via East Col
Day 17: Baruntse Base Camp to Panch Pokhari
Day 18: Panch Pokhari to Anda Pokhari/ Khongmading
Day 19: Anda Pokhari to Mera Pass
Day 20: Mera Pass to Mera High Camp
Day 21: Mera High Camp to Mera summit back to Mera Pass/ Khare
Day 22: Khare to Kothe
Day 23: Kothe to Chhetra -Bu
Day 24: Chhetra Bu to Chhuthanga via Chetra-La (Pass)
Day 25: Chhuthanga to Lukla
Day 26: Lukla to Kathmandu by flight.
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