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Rolwaling Trekking

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Rolwaling Trekking 15


Accessible only one way by using vehicle, trek starts from Sigati, along the trek you will enjoy with mixtured culture of local settlement.This route offers you different features of each village.After Simigaon you will enjoy with mountain people and their culture which is belong to Buddhism.

Actually this route is popular for the natural beauties as well like flora and fauna.In addition Mt.Gauri Shankar, Yalung-Ri, Chekiko, Mt. Numbur are seen along the trail.

Crucial goal of the route is to walk along the glacier, to study different features of the glacier .Similarly many adventure lovers climb Yalung-Ri peak, Ramdng-Go peak and Pharchermo Peak respectively.Some people want to pass only Tashilaptse.Anyway this pass is one of the famous pass of Nepal,Tashilaptse is regarded . one of the crucial journey for all visitors,therefore, after climbing Ramdung-Go and Yalung -Ri peaks people proceed to Tashilaptse, where peak Pharchermo is located, this peak also climbed. After the pass the trail leads you to Thame Namche Bazzar and in the end Lukla.

If visitors want schedule might change according to their wish, because in Everest region there are lots of places to be visited .

Note: Next important things: trip should be well organized like strong porters with good equipments,you need experienced guide of the Rock climbing, Glacier or Ice climbing who can organize use of rope both side of the Tashilaptse and along the trail where is necessary.

We will provide you lots of information about this area herewith we organize your trip properly as said above information.


From Sigati starting :

Day 01: Kathmandu to Sigati by bus/ vehicle
Day 02: Sigati to Jagat
Day 03: Jagat to Simigaon
Day 04: Simigaon to Donang
Day 05: Donang to Beding
Day 06: Beding to Nah Village
Day 07: Rest day at Nah Village
Day 08: Nah Village to Tso- Rolpa Lake
Day 09: Tso-Rolpa Lake to Glacier Camp
Day 10: Glacier Camp to Tashilaptse pass
Day 11: Tashilaptse Pass to Ngole
Day 12: Ngole to Thame
Day 13: Thame to Namche Bazzar
Day 14: Namche Bazzar to Phakding/ Lukla
Day 15: Lukla to Kathmandu flight out.


From Barabise

Day 01: Kathmandu to barabise trek to Karthali same day

Day 02: KArthali to Gumba

Day 03: Gumba to Bigu Gumba via thingsangla

Day 04: Bigu Gumba to Dolangsa

Day 05: Dolangsa to Laduk

Day 06: Laduk to Bulung

Day 07: Bulung to Orang

Day 08: Orang to Gongur Khola

Day 09: Gongur Khola to Simigaon

Day 10: Simigaon to Donang

Day 11: Donang to Beding

Day 12: Beding to Nah Village

Day 13: Reserved day at Nah village

Day 14: Nah Village to Tso Rolpa lake

Day 15: Tso Rolpa lake to Glacier camp

16: Glacier camp to Tashiphuk

17: Tashiphuk to Ngole

18: Ngole to Thame

19: Thame to Namche

20: Namche to Phakding

21: Phakding to Lukla

22: Lukla to Kathmandu flight 

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