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Upper Mustang trek

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Upper Mustang trek

Upper Mustang, located in western part of Nepal, nearby Tibetan boarder.An unique land in Nepal, it has its own features, which are really very antique and interesting as well.These interesting things are: desert landscape,very high basic or extremely traditional settlement structure's system, windy valley, very old

Buddhist monasteries, Chortens, prayer flags, different kinds of Buddhist sectors like: sakyapa, Gelugpa etc...along with very popular Tibetan chant, having six letters get people attracted,Due to its enough remoteness and elevation most of the time surrounded mountains remain snow covered,

Actually human development history is very ancient and its habitat as well very old, in terms of that sense, we can see some caves which are now inaccessible high up in the vertical cliffs, which were primitive settlements/ dwellings about 2000 years ago in human development order.

Mustang is really remoteness and it was far from central  from Kathmandu, people used to walk, vehicle weren't sufficient.That's why it wasn't not officially absorbed into Nepal until 1950 and the years after the Chinese invasion of Tibet turned out to be very difficult for Mustang , because large numbers of Tibetan freedom fighters set up camp and attacked nearby Chinese troops, placing Nepal in a precarious situation.

Then after it was restricted area.Every season lots of people go to visit the area. there are different kind of cliffs and its colors like yellow ,red and grew. Herewith it has very vast landscape as well.These materials get you remember after went home too.

Your enjoyable trips stars from Kagbeni and up to Lomathang. Along the trail you will enjoy with, red colored chortens, houses,caves, different kinds of charming mountain scenery etc.....

Guru Padmasambhava used to stay in Rangchung long time ago. So Chortens, stupas, monasteries have carried lots of buddhist philosophy as well. Who is Padmamasambhava and which cult belongs to?
we will inform you with us here in Nepal.It is believed that Sambhava kiiled demon and he got /built monasteries, chortens, mani wall built.


Upper Mustang, one of the great unique desert. While raining in the lower part, like Tatopani, Pokhara etc..... upper Mustang remains dry, so May, June,  August are the best season for the Upper Mustang. Caves, cliffs, stupas, monasteries, very old settlement of the people, culture, etc are  the main features of the Upper Mustang.

01 : Kathmandu to Pohara O/N in Pokhara

02 : Pokhara to Jomsom by plane  and trek to Kagbeni O/ N
       Jomsome to Kagbeni takes 4 -5 hours walk

03 : Trek Kagbeni to Chele ( 6 - 7 hours ), high elevation
         During of walk from Kagbeni to Chele, Tangbe Apple Project can be seen in                   Tangbe,
         Chuksang is Lunch place , is fertileland for Apple, Appricot, Buckwheat, local                 traditional houses are available in Chuksang, the trail splits to Muktinath and              Kagbeni fom Chuksang. Mostly part of the land is deserted in Chele except                     private agricultural farm 
lands. Buddhist culture and customs is available in                Chele, very beautiful  mountain scenery can be seen along the Kagbeni and                  Chele. 

04 : Trek Chele to Shyangboche / Tamagaon ( 8 to 9 hours walk ), elevation 3702 m.
         The trail splits from Samar village to Bhena and Chumsi cave, two hours walk                takes from  Chele to Samar Village. The chumsi cave is very old cave, different              Buddha's icons are placed in the cave.
           From Chumsi cave the trail goes up to Syangbochen, Tama gaun, and Gheling,             normally
           people stop in Syangbochen, syangbochen is facilited of local tea shops, lodge
           accommodation is available in Syangbochen for small group. Syangbochen,                  Tama Gaun, and gheling is fertile land for potatoes, wheat, green vegetables                etc..... 

        culture and tradition is as Chele in syangbochen, Tama Gaun and Gheling too,             very old Gomba ( Monastery is located in Gheling ), Very beautiful panoramic               view of landscap can be seen along the trail of Chele and Tama Gaun. from                   Syangbochen and Tama Gaun, caves, hills, mt. vrikuti, Nilgiri, Tilicho, Throng                peak  etc.... can be seen. 

05 : Trek Shyangboche / Tamagaon  to Dhakmar / Tsarang
06 :  Trek Dhakmar / Tasarang to Lomanthang

07 :   Reserved day or rest day in Lomanthang
08 :  Trek Lomanthang to Dhee Gaon / Yara
09 : Trek Yara to Tangge

10 :  Trek Tangge to Paha
11 :  Trek   Paha to Tetang
12 :  Trek Tetang to Muktinath / Kagbeni

13 : Drive Kagbeni to Jomsom or trek to Jomsom from Kagbeni

14 : Fly out to Pokhara from Jomsom and O / N ( Over night would be in Pokhara)

15 : Drive to Kathmandu or Fly from Pokhara to Kathmandu
16 : Rest day or shopping day in Kathmandu
17 : Departure to international flight.  

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