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Everest Kangshung Trip

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Everest Kangshung Trip
Everest Kunsang trek is an adventurous trek region.People used to fly Gongkar airport. Then people are taken to Lhasa, there will  be one day rest for the city tour. Actually Lhasa is itself very much historical place,it is popular for the Buddhism dogma, you might visit Potala palace. It is related to the Budhhism principle, if you are really eager to know about the potala palace and related dogma and school of Buddhism we will give you some information regarding the sector of Buddhism.

For example, which sec. of Buddhism follows the Potala palace?Ngingapa or Gelugpa? we will give you some tips about those things. Likewise Buddhism has some yanas like Hinayana, Mahayana etc....How these yanas developed? which yana belongs to Potala palace? these yanas indicates the Buddhism era...too,if you are eager to know these things during of your trek please joint with us.

Still more you will see surrounding the Lhasa Jokh temple, Norbu Linkha Monastery,People of Lhasa, culture and customs/rites  make your stay enjoyable in Lhasa.

For the trekking you need to pass some trekking areas, like Sigatse,Gyantse,  and Langma pass, from where you will see some sight of mountains ranges.Then you have to follow up to Nyalam and Zhangmu.Then you will be back to Kathmandu by vehicles.

Day01: Kathmandu to  Lhasa flight
Day02: City tour in Lhasa, you will get ample of tips regarding the culture.
Day03: Lhasa to Gyantse
Day04: Gyantse to Sigatse
Day05: Sigatse to Shegar
Day06: Shegar to Kharka
Day07: Kharka to Tsongpo
Day08: Tsongpo to Shao pass
Day09: Shao pass to Kama river
Day10: Kama river to Kansung 
Day11: Kansung to Ringmo
Day12: Ringmo to Rabka
Day13: Rabka to Chhuringma
Day14: Chhuringma to Trosay
Day15: Trosay to Kharka
Day16: Kharka to Ronbuk

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