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Hidden East Everest Trek

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Hidden East Everest Trek 20
Trek up the Kangshung Valley, in Tibet, to the East Everest Base Camp situated below the awesome Khangsung (East) Face of Mt. Everest.

Best Season: April-October.
Tour Highlights:
- Visit the great Palaces, Monasteries   and Temples of 'forbidden Tibet.'
- Trek from up the hidden Khangsung   Valley to East Everest Base Camp.
- Vist the famous Rongphu Monastery  and hike to North Everest BaseCamp.
- Drive overland across the Himalayas  from Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal.Kangshung East Everest Base   Camp Trek.East Everest Base Camp Trek.
- Kangshung Valley, Tibet.

After visiting the palaces and monasteries of Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse trek through the, little visitted, Kangsung Valley to the East Everest Base Camp situated below the awesome Khangsung (East) Face of Mt. Everest. Enjoy 12 days trekking up the beautiful valley rich in vegetation and flowers over high passes to Phetang Ringmo situated in an alpine valley below the East Face of Mount Everest. Also includes a visit to Rongphu Monastery and hike to North Everest BaseCamp. Tour ends with the spectacular trans-Himalayan drive along the Friendship Highway from Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal. Few adventure seekers have trekked up the Khangsung Valley to East Everest Base camp. This trek to the hidden side of Everest is available to a select few.

Days 01:  ARRIVE LHASA,Fly Kathmandu, Chengdu or Beijing to Lhasa in Tibet. Hotel.
Days2-3: LHASA SIGHTSEEING,Visit Potala Palace, Norbulinka, Drepung & Sera
monasteries,Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Bazaar. Hotel.

Days4-5:  LHASA - GYANTSE - SHIGATSE - LHATSE ,Drive to Gyantse and continue to Shigatse and Lhatse. Hotel/Tents.

Days6-16:  TREK TO EAST EVEREST BASE CAMP,From Kharta trek over Shao La pass (4790m) and up the Kangshung valley to East Base Camp of Mount Everest (5000m). Enjoy great views of the, rarely seen, East (Khangsung) Face of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Chomolongzo and many other Himalayan mountains. Return via Langma La Pass (5240m) to Karta. Tents.

Days17-18:  RONGPHU MONASTERY & NORTH EVEREST BASE CAMP,Drive to Rongbuk Monastery below, the better known, North Face of Mount Everest. Day trek to Mount Everest North BaseCamp. Tents.

Days19-20:  TINGRI - NYALAM - KATHMANDU,Drive overland along the Friendship Highway to Kathamndu. Enjoy panoramic views of the the snow capped Himalayan Range.Tour ends with drive to Kathmandu.
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