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Lhasa to EBC trek

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Lhasa to EBC trek Minimum 6 pax
Lhasa to EBC ( Everest Base Camp ) Trek
 This route is very beautiful. Clients can use overland access and Airline access.
From Lhasa three kind of tour contains :
 Jeep safari tour
 Bi- cycle tour
Motor cycle tour

Day 01: Lhasa t Amdo lake
Day 02 : Amdo Lake to Sighatse
Day 03: Sighatse to Henbache
Day 04: Henbache to Namtso Lake
Day 05: Namtso Lake to Su la based Village
Day 06: Su la village to Amdo Lake
Day 07: Amdo lake to Lhasa again
      This above mentined itinerary is for flight in and flight out from Lhasa t Kathmandu

Flight in Lhasa and exit from Zhangmu port is the following itinerary:

Day 01: Kathmandu t Lhasa by plane
Day 02: Reserved day in Lhasa
Day 03:  Lhasa to Namtso Lake
Day 04: Namtso Lake to Su la based Village
Day 05: Su la based village to Amdo Lake
Day 06: Amdo Lake to Sighatse
Day 07: Sighate to New tingri or near by new tingri in the camp site
Day 08: New Tingri to Runbuck ( Everest Base Camp)
Day 09: Runbuck to Old tingri
Day 10: old Tingri to Nyalam
Day 11: Nyalam to Zhangmu Port
 This Itineray is based on the Jeep safari
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