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Mt. Kailash, Mansarovar Trip

Trek Name Days Max Altitude Max Group Size
Mt. Kailash, Mansarovar Trip 11 to 12 day
Mt.Kailash and Manasarovar lake trip is regarded the holiest pilgrimage trip for the both Hinduism and Buddhism followers. These both places have carried lots of ontological or metaphysical value.Actually all the living beings are gifted of the divine god. Our company is running various trekking group in the Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar area. We will explain you the value of metaphysical aspects. Attachment of nature and its value in human life. Really thease places get you your trip interesting and valueable. 

                                               Mt. Kailash and Mansarover

Mt. Kailash and Mansarover Lake tour, A view of Kailash, Entery and Exit from Zhangmu-15 days Mt. Kailash is vital for the mythical value and reality value, like: from the view point of the mythical, it is sacred place for the Shiva and parbati, it is regared about shiva and parbati to have originated or stayed in Kailash, that's why many many Indian people used to visit there during of June, July, August etc....From the view point of Realistic Value, naturally it is very beatuful area for the bautiful scenery of the mountains, you can see lots mountains snow-capped. Almost the snow remains almost all the time. Further more Mt. Kailash is very popular for the wild animals like: Wild Ass, Some mountain birds and Antelopes.During of your trek you will see Tirthapuri, then we you take to Pigu, Saga, Dongva, Pyryang, Manosarovar lake and back to Kathmandu by vehicle.

01: Kathmandu to Kodari abput 6/7 hrs. You need to follow rules of immigration in boarder, after finishing the boarder activities, we take you Nyalam O/N at guest house
 02: Nyalam to Paikutso
 03: Paikutso to New Dhongba or nearby the bramhmaputra river
 04: New Dhongba to Manasarovar lake
 05:  Manasarovar to Darchen
 06: Darchen to Diraphuk
 07: Diraphuk to Zutulphuk via Dormala pass
 08: Zutulphuk to Horchu on bank of the Manasarovar
 09: Horchu to New Dhongba
 10: New Dhongba to Piku Lake
 11: Piku Lake to Nyalam
 12: Nyalam to Zangmu post ( Boarder of China and Nepal)
 13: Zangmu post to Kathmandu

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