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Tours In Tibet

Accessibly to Tibet over the Himalaya of Nepal and overland. Or Kathmandu Airport to Gangar Airport.Lhasa is very beautiful place through various ways: 01, good accommodation in hotels, 5 star hotel to normal hotels. 02, culturally Tibet is very important place, there are numerous monateries, like potala Monastery, where religious Guru, Daalai Lama reigned there. Further more Tibet has lots of very old and antique items are, Potala, Jokhang, Drepung, Sera and Dragontial monasteries are dominant. Actually Tibet has many comfortable developments are developing, such as roads, can be run very good conditioned car/ jeep/ truks/ trains etc... Trip facts: Sacred monasteries Deserted landscapes Buddhist monasteries Very Old buildings, monasteries, Mountains, hills, roads, culture, people, trade, religion, languages, rites/ costumes / etc.. are dominant. Brief Itinerary : 01: Kathmandu to Gangar Airport, and drive to Lhasa by Jeep, car etc..., drive along the Yarlong river, and check in hotel. 02: Sight seeing around / surrounding Lhasa, in course of visiting time, you will be explained about Buddhist monasteries,school of Buddhism, like, Ngingmapa, Sakyapa, gelugpa etc...or It will be according to Lhasa companies rules and regulation. 03: Sight Seeing surrounding Lhasa : Going to Potala Palace and Jokhang etc.. you will be taken according to the companies management or itinerary and your expectation too. 04:In the 4 day you will be driven to Dragonial monastery, which is far from Lhasa. Where you will be informed about Buddhist cultures etc... 05:In the fifth day looking around the Dragonial monastery like, hills, valley, houses etc...our overall environments of the dragonial temple. 06: you might use jeep to go Pasumtso Lake, which far than Dragonial Buddhist temple. 07: In the day seven you might come to the Lhasa back, where jeep is used to bring you to Lhasa. Note: you might buy sth. in Lhasa in course of the time, 08:departure to Airport